Work Empowerment, Work Relationships and Expertise in Experienced Nurses

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Description: The introduction chapter of this research has promoted the role of acute care nurses in the operational aspects of medication practices. These have been seen to develop with time and promoted with the effectiveness of workplace behaviour and other functional parameters of the workplace. This study has provided the aim, objective, research questions, and other aspects of this research that have contributed to its development. The literature review chapter has promoted the investigation of acute care nursing practices and the operational aspects of that area. The workplace motivation, leadership, and other functional aspects have been promoted in this chapter. However, the issues defined in this chapter have been stated in the literature gap which requires further modification in future research. The chapter four of this study focuses on analysis and results which are based on different articles which are written by renowned writers. Eight articles have been chosen and eight themes have been made from these articles. These themes are Factors that motivate nurses, effect of emotional intelligence and empowerment among nurses, effect of efficacy and psychological empowerment among nurses, workplace condition which can influence nurses, enhancement of work engagement among nurses which can increase team performance, relationship between organisational culture and performance of nurses, relationship between transformational leadership and quality of nursing, management of workplace for better performance of nurses. The conclusion chapter sums up the overall discussion. In the concluding chapter recommendations have also been provided which will further help to develop the life of the nurses. The provided recommendations discuss work relationship and work environment improvement in the lives of the nurses. Moreover, the scope and limitations of the research also have been discussed in this chapter.

Author: Bayan Kaddourah

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