• Why do we need to categories project management according to disciplines

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    Description: A project is a process of activities within a set timetable and budget for achieving an objective or meeting an organizational or business need. Project management, which is a subject of growing interest in business and academic circles, is therefore involves all managerial tools, techniques and knowledge with the purpose of completing a project with the best possible results and eventual success. However, the experiences indicate that project managers and teams frequently encounter with unanticipated outcomes that many projects cannot meet their quality, performance, timetable and budgetary targets. This problem has been the central topic for the studies on the subject in the recent years. This paper aims to present a brief summary of the history, concepts, terminology of project management and prominent problems in the discipline, particularly to Turkish business and academic environment.

    Author: Yasser Mohamedali H Abdo

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    Yasser Mohamedali H Abdo
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