What are the Most Frequent Traumatic Factors During Nursing Practice?

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Description: The introduction chapter discusses the background of research along with research rationale. A discussion is made on issues based on the whole research being developed. This chapter also contains aims, objectives, research questions, problem statements and research significance. The literature review section of the study deals with the deliverance of the most plausible factors that aggravates the traumatic disorders in the nursing practices and individuals. Further, the section also deals with the explanation of the theories and models that might inflict best responses in management of trauma in the trauma care settings. The methodology chapter discusses the process of developing this research. The research philosophy, design and approach are discussed with data gathering technique. Secondary data collection method is selected to develop this study. The data has been collected by using a convenience sampling method. The study concludes the various traumatic factors that affects nurses mental and health. Further also explains the challenge faced by the nurses in a healthcare sector and how they can mitigate the problems and the study also provides certain recommendations according to that.

Author: Bayan Kaddourah

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Bayan Kaddourah
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