The Effectiveness of Using Educational Platforms After the Pandemic in Solving the Problem of Educational Loss

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Description: The Corona Virus Pandemic has obligated school systems all over the world to search for and explore new educational methods that are free from the restrictions of the physical presence of teachers in schools. Therefore, it is necessary and obligatory for all humanity after this disaster to open new and advanced horizons for thinking and working to fix weaknesses to find solutions and successful results that benefit the educational system. Other Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia were suffering from many educational problems and once e-learning platforms were implemented, they realized that it was possible for them to use those platforms to solve such problems they were facing before the emergence of the Coronavirus. This research aims to describe and analyze a set of electronic educational platforms that were used during the existence of the new Corona disaster and work to clarify the most important benefits of these platforms in solving the problems of educational loss among students in a group of Arab countries (Egypt - Saudi Arabia - Kuwait). One of the results of the research is that the use of educational platforms after the pandemic solved the problem of low motivation to learn among students because these platforms provided effective communication between students and the teacher. The use of educational platforms after the pandemic also solved the problem of the inability to assess the level of students and know their weaknesses in various aspects.

Author: Suad Essam Muzher

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Suad Essam Muzher comments:
“With thanks and appreciation for all who helped me reach this pivotal point in my educational journey”

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