The Effect Of Nonverbal Communication On The Quality Of Care Provided To Patients

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Description: The introduction chapter has elaborated the background and rational information that has promoted the functional evaluation of the effects of non-verbal communication in promoting quality of patients care. The aim of this research has been developed with this concept that has also emerged the objectives of this research denoting its importance, effects, core issues, and mitigation strategies. All of these have been developed in the later section of this research such as literature review, findings, discussion, and others for its functional development. It has been followed by the significance of the study that represents the importance of the topic. Furthermore, the structure of this research has been described in this chapter allowing the study to provide route for further investigation. This section has highlighted the effect of the nonverbal communication on quality care to patients along with its importance in the healthcare and improving the health of the patients. Additionally it has highlighted some disadvantages of this process in understating clear insight about patient’s problem. It also shares the steps for developing the non-verbal communication that can provide effective care to the patients. Further, in the literature review chapter, the overall challenges related to non-verbal communication along with their solutions and key principle of non-verbal communication can be seen.

Author: Bayan Kaddourah

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Bayan Kaddourah
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