The Impact Of The Use Of Technology In Education On The Performance Of Remote Projects

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Description: The enormous technological revolution in the information field in the twentieth century has managed to create a new and contemporary reality in the process of education and teaching. Similarly, the most famous example of the use of technology in education is home electronic tasks or so-called students' projects online. Therefore, the study comes to answer the following question: "What is the effectiveness or impact of the use of technology in education in the performance of remote projects?" The curriculum is the quantitative analytical approach, through the work of a questionnaire that is distributed to a sample of (180) master's students in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods at the Faculty of Education at the Lebanese International University (LIU)

Author: Suad Essam Muzher

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Suad Essam Muzher comments:
“With thanks and appreciation for all who helped me reach this pivotal point in my educational journey”

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