Public Perception of Nursing Profession

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Description: The chapter of introduction discusses the background to develop the research in an adequate way. The aims, objective, research questions, problem and rationale are covered in this study. This study explains the contemporary public perceptions of nursing and furthermore describes the various significance of mass media influences the perception of nursing in public. Additionally, the section of literature discusses the importance of work environment in the nursing practice along with effectiveness of public perception in nursing practice. This section also covers two most important nursing theoretical frameworks. The methodology section of the research focuses on positivism philosophy, deductive approach and explanatory research design in a detailed manner. On the other hand, the primary data collection process has been conjectured for this study by concentrating on the quantitative method questionnaire. 15 participants have been introduced for the study among which consent of 11 participants has been derived by adhering to the ethical considerations of the study.

Author: Bayan Kaddourah

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Bayan Kaddourah
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