Evaluating the possibility for alternative solutions to be implemented in GCC nations to prepare for the end of the oil and gas sector

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The Gulf cooperation council was formed in May 1981 as a confederation of six Arabian Peninsula nations. The "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia"(KSA), the "Sultanate of Oman", "the United Arab Emirates" (UAE), "the State of Kuwait", "the State of Qatar", and the "Kingdom of Bahrain" are the six members of the GCC. Table 1 includes more significant information about the GCC nations, such like their area in square kilometres, population in billions, and Gross domestic product with oil and gas resources. The six GCC nations account for around 30% of world "oil reserves" and a quarter of worldwide “natural gas reserves”. The Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) area's oil revenues were believed to be larger than 156 billion US dollars in 1981, and the “GCC” region's crude oil was the principal source of power in the OECD until recently

Author: Patrice Calvet

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Patrice Calvet
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