Business law and the global environment: Critically assessing the need for legal applications of sustainable development programs in the UAE energy sector Kindle Edition

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Description: The UAE has traditionally relied on petroleum and natural gas products, while a few emirates have made great initiatives to develop their industries. Petroleum exports account for a sizable portion of the government's earnings. It suggests that the government will continue to rely on petroleum reserves in the foreseeable future. On the supply side, it is projected that this nation's known reserves of oil and gas will be depleted by the end of the twentieth century. Furthermore, when compared to other nations with common traits, the UAE's domestic use of energy and electricity is unusually high. The rising need for power as a result of the UAE's fast growing population, high rate of urbanization, and rapid economic expansion has motivated officials to adopt renewable and sustainable energy resources, ensuring energy supplies and mitigating GHG emissions. As a result, a renewable energy corporation was founded as component of the government's short- and long term objectives and plans to drive research in the area of green energy resources and conduct large investment efforts to meet the UAE's future energy demand in a sustainable manner. Development in additional alternative and renewable energy supplies is already in the planning stages, but it is projected to fulfil the country's future energy needs in a balanced way.

Author: Patrice Calve

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Patrice Calve
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