Conditional Environmental management: Assessing the current practices of UK and UAE industries for waste control and their comparability with the UN Sustainable development goals

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Description: The chapter entailed the introduction to the complete dissertation. Primarily, the chapter comes up with all the related concept to the research topic such as the definition of waste, definition of regulation, waste management, environmental regulation. In line with this the concept of sustainable development and the UN sustainable development goals is being highlighted. Moreover, providing the research background or overview of the topic which is about assessing the practices of UK and UAE industries for waste control, the chapter bring about the research rationale (Helal, 2011) In a row the research objectives and research questions have been extracted to fill the research gap. Whereas the chapter also gives the theoretical and practical significance of the current study as well as described the limitations. Following the limitation, structure of the thesis is briefly described. At last, the chapter summary is stated.

Author: Patrice Calvet

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Patrice Calvet
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