Organizational Crisis Management

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Description: Organizations on the global scene continue to experience extreme disruptions from crisis of all sorts. The term „crisis‟ has been defined as an event that “causes severe emotional and social distress, which may occur at any time and without warning” 1 However, it appears organizations are always not adequately prepared to face crisis.2 Owing to the challenges which organizations experience with crisis the concept of „organizational crisis management‟ continues to engage the attention of scholars yet they are not definite on the meaning of the term, probably because of the amorphous and confusing nature of the term itself. 3 Nonetheless, crisis may be taken as an important juncture to develop organizations. 4 Can (1992) suggests that, “crisis management is the process where the organization seeks to take and apply necessary precautions to overcome the state of crisis at least cost”. Organizational crisis management has five phases, namely; signals perception, preparedness and protection, controlling, shifting to normal state and learning and assessment stage.

Author: Samuel Bаіmbіll-Johnson

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