Managing Conflict In A Team

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Description: Conflict in teams is an ubiquitous organizational spectacle. Teams are assembled around an organization’s work force because a work force is an important factor of production or delivery of an organization’s tasks. Teamwork in organizations is a paradigm for performance of tasks and it emphasizes synergy of the whole as opposed to single efforts.1 As human beings converge in an organization to perform any given task dissentions and differentiations are likely to pop up owing to the human interactions and for example, competition for scarce resources to do one’s work. 2 Differences in personality traits such as emotions, knowledge and beliefs are such dynamics that can make individuals differ in behavior and thus cause conflict. Hence, in pursuing organizational goals by teams personality traits are necessary elements to consider in team-building.

Author: Samuel Bаіmbіll-Johnson

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Samuel Bаіmbіll-Johnson
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