How Leaders can use Organizational Leadership effectively

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Description: The fast changing competitive global business climate makes the search for efficient and effective leadership the top-most concern of every organization (Alqatawenah, 2018). Bennis and Nanus (1985) described the term leadership as, “ubiquitous in common discourse. Political candidates proclaim it, organizations seek it, and the media discusses it ad nauseum. Unfortunately, research on leadership has done little to inform these endeavors’’. Crisis of all shades continue to afflict the global environment so pose an enormous responsibility on leaders to find antidotes (Bacon, 2005). Also, once organizational challenges of any kind arise, organizational leaders face the arduous task of finding solutions to address them (Nahavandi, 2009). Hence, whether an organizational challenge relates to staff attrition, trade-union strikes, work-place conflicts, or low productivity, a key panacea is the deployment of efficient and effective organizational leadership style (Dunphy and Bryant, 1996). The absence of effective and efficient leadership in organizations clarifies why some businesses fail on the global stage (Yukl and Lepsinger, 2005). On the other hand, long periods of successes may be enjoyed by an organization, but it is still paramount for the organization to possess an effective and efficient leadership to safeguard such accomplishments (Nahavandi, 2009). The lack of efficient and effective leadership style rather puts a strain on the organization as it navigates through rough pathways when crisis occurs (Fath, Dean & Katzmair, 2015). Again, an effective and efficient leadership style which may be adopted can profile the organization‟s future outlook (Batool, 2013). Hence, an efficient and effective leader is needed to influence and direct the actions of employees towards the attainment of stated organizational goals (Rubin, Dierdorff, Bommer & Baldwin, 2009).

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