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Description: Written by a Senegalese in Taiwan, this is a diary of a man who travels to Taiwan from New York City to be with his wife. The book encompasses details of the author’s experiences as a black man in Taiwan, his relationship with his wife’s family and friends, and how he learns to take the good with the bad. The author talks about instances where he was racially profiled by a select few and even though he was disheartened by the experience, he chose to ignore and take it as a good omen.

Authors: Samba Diop

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Author’s Comment:
"As a black man in Taiwan, I have seen and experienced some of the most beautiful times ever. Coming from one of the most culturally rich and diverse cities in the world, New York City, it was indeed difficult for me to get used to life in Taiwan, but I’m happy I came here. I dedicate this book to my wife, who has helped me throughout and always encouraged to me look at the good in everything."

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