Basics of Industrial Engineering

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Description:Workforce needs were identified for middle skilled technical workers in the robotics industry through both semistructured interviews with operations managers from thirty one firms and analysis of real-time labor market intelligence databases. The interviews focused on middle-skilled technical occupations (except for information technology). The goal of the interviews was to characterize trends in demand, hiring challenges, training gaps, and the importance of specific technical and human skills to the robotics industry. Results demonstrate increasing demand for middle-skilled technical workers (See Figure ES 1) and highlight skills gaps among these workers. There is strong growth expected for mechatronics technicians, electrical and mechanical engineering technicians, and robotics installation and deployment technicians (represented by the category Other technical production workers in the interview). Interestingly, of the occupations studied here, robotics deployment technicians are expected to see the largest growth in number of positions and openings within the United States robotics industry.

Author: Atiq Ur Rahman

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Atiq Ur Rahman comments:
“I will be very grateful to all my family and friends for supporting my research”

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