Xenoglossophobia: A Listening Anxiety In Students And Its Impact On Learning English In The Classroom

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This paper aims to investigate the sources that evokes Xenoglossophobia: a listening anxiety, while listening English language in the classroom. This paper will also explore its causes, its effect on student’s learning and how one can overcome it. This research paper illustrates the understanding of Xenoglossophobia, the studies carried out discussing this level of anxiety and finally a case study which will help in overcoming it. The Research tools will be Interview that will directly contribute to the Qualitative Research Methodology as it quantifies the relationship between listening anxiety and learners. The findings of the study highlight the fact that remedial action needs to be taken to address the inherent failure of the educationists to produce proficient listeners of English, and to make strategies for students to overcome it.

Author: Eshal Khan

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Eshal Khan
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