The Uptake and Implementation of Sustainable Construction: Transforming Policy into Practice

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Description:There is a continuously growing interest on ‘Sustainable Construction (SC)’ both within the UK and globally. In the UK, a myriad of policies and guidance have been published in this regard by various government offices, departments and other industry related institutions. However, similar to sustainable development, SC is without an agreed upon definition. There is lack of agreement on the interpretation of SC, both within the industry and in academic literature. Further evidence point at a gap between the technological abilities of the construction industry and what is actually achieved in terms of SC. Therefore, it appears that the problem may lie with the understanding of and the effective implementation of SC at project level. The aim of this research therefore, was to understand the interpretations of SC and to develop a framework that can assist in its effective uptake and implementation within construction project environments.

Author: Atiq Ur Rahman

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Atiq Ur Rahman comments:
“I will be very grateful to all my family and friends for supporting my research”

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