Impact of nursing-led interventions in stroke recovery

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Description: Background Stroke Rehabilitation is a progressive, dynamic, goal-orientated process aimed to allow a person with a disability to achieve their optimal physical, cognitive, emotional, communicative, social, and functional level. Regardless of advances in the treatment of the stroke, stroke survivor often continues to need rehabilitation for persisting deficits linked to spasticity, upper and lower extremity dysfunction, shoulder and central pain, mobility and gait, dysphagia, vision, perception, and communication. Stroke incidence is increasing around the world, and the disability caused has a significant impact on our society and in the financial situation of the countries. Nursing care is being defined as essential to the multidisciplinary team approach, and nurses have a unique position on stroke care and recovery as they spend more time comparing with the other healthcare providers.

Author: Raquel Sofia Marques Neves

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“With thanks and appreciation for everyone including the faculty members, who is helping me achieve my goals”

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