Gathering Electric Data for Improved Efficiency in Power Stations

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Description:Today, the power plants are increasingly facing a challenge of meeting the ever increasing demand of energy consumption in the world. These plants have complex systems that are characterized by reliability and maintenance policy. The degradation of the efficiency of the plant has been common in such systems and thus calling for efforts to enhance sustainable availability and reliability of energy (Melani et al., 2019). The most prevalent problems association with this situation has been the increased costs of generating electricity and a rise in the environmental effect. These issues have compelled most of the power plants to focus on continuous developments with the aim of improving their energy efficiency. This step has been necessary because increase in efficiency can tremendously bring about the reduction of the overall costs of electricity generation and the environmental effect caused by the power plants. There is a need to have a model can help in the analysis of the electric generation in the power plants, which must derive from the data that is gathered on electricity. Therefore, this thesis seeks to propose methods that can be used collect the data that can help in improving efficiency in power plants as a solution to the identified problems.

Author: Atiq Ur Rahman

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