Disgust As A Conceptual Foundation For Art Appreciation In The Community College: A Thought Experiment In Practice

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Description:Reflecting on the history of art appreciation and viewing its current context within a community college, as a general education course that largely perpetuates cultural miseducation (Martin 2011) through preservation of the Western canon, this dissertation is a theoretical inquiry into the re-visioning of the art appreciation curriculum. In community college (and perhaps elsewhere), conceptually grounding art appreciation curriculum in “aesthetic disgust,1 ”(Korsmeyer 2011) or “difficult beauty,2 ” (Bosanquet 1923) with pedagogical creativity can yield deeper, livelier critical student engagement and (transformative) learning than a traditional conceptual grounding in beauty.

Author: Atiq Ur Rahman

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Atiq Ur Rahman comments:
“I will be very grateful to all my family and friends for supporting my research”

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